What we do

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) is a civil society organization. It began its struggle on 5th May 1998. Its founding members were already engaged to advance the goal of socioeconomic and political justice for the fishers of Pakistan at different platforms but on the 5th May they united to struggle collectively, and they named their struggle ‘Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum’.

PFF known as a welfare organization has accomplished number of achievements in a short span of time which have promoted its status from a welfare organization to a ‘mass or right based organization’. Many even call it a right based ‘social movement’ of backward and marginalized fishers of Pakistan because it has strived through a true political and democratic process and in ten years struggle has made 25,000 volunteers, including a considerable female members, across Pakistan.

Its struggle mainly targets a wide array of issues which are directly or indirectly associated with about 4 million fishers in Pakistan. Half of the total population belongs to the marine fisheries who depend on fish resources in the sea and rest are associated with inland water bodies spread over the countries.

The major among these issues are bringing a sustainable fisheries policy, ban on deep sea trawlers, stop depletion of natural resources in the sea, protect resource from the use of destructive nets, release and rehabilitation of detained fishers in Pakistani and Indian jails, abolition of contract system on the inland water bodies, bringing of license system on the inland water bodies, restoration of Indus Delta, relief and rehabilitation of people affected by Left Bank Outfall Drainage (LBOD) and Right Bank Outfall Drainage (RBOD) and socioeconomic and political rights of the fishers.

In Pakistan, PFF has been raising awareness in the fishing communities about their rights and the means to get these rights. The awareness activities on the rights revolve around the above mentioned issues. Also it is advocating and lobbying for the rights of same the marginalized excluded communities. The awareness-advocacy campaigns for the rights of fishers through meetings, peaceful rallies, protests, demonstrations, hunger strikes, seminars, walks have been the major factor behind the PFF’s successes. The most important elements which count in these activities are the persistence, patients and commitment of its volunteers. Another feature that makes PFF the most distinguishable among other civil society organizations is, it can gather tens of thousands fishers with half participation by women on a single call.

At the international level, PFF drew inspiration from the National Fishers of India (NFF) and World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP). PFF’s international friends proudly state that PFF has surpassed both mentioned organizations because of its struggle and committed people with it. It has a very effective network of international friends who in the bad times extend their full support from across the globe.

PFF has an image of a future in which fishers live a life of dignity, realize their right to life and livelihood, and organizing to promote democracy, equity, social justice, sustainable development, and responsible use of natural resources.

PFF envisages “change”. To change the policies and practices of the state and its institutions in Pakistan regarding the fisheries sector that would pave the way for a sustainable fisheries policy that will empower the fishers’ in inland and marine waters and will ensure the preservation of natural resources which are depleting in abundant quantity.

PFF aims to protect the socioeconomic and political rights of indigenous fisherfolk communities in Pakistan by bringing sustainability in the usage of water resources. It vows to bring a change in socio-economic conditions of these communities by ensuring the restoration of their historical ownership right in and on the water resources.